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$30,000 First Time HomeBuyer Loan

Metro Interfaith/BHOA Housing Counselor: Conant Smith, Opportunities for Chenango, Inc., Quaranta Housing Services/BHOA Housing Counselor: Cathy Berger,

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The Binghamton Homeownership Academy announces a new product for middle income earners looking to buy a home…

$30,000 First Time Homebuyer Loan

  • No Payments if you maintain ownership!
  • Fully forgiven after 10 years!
  • Apply up to $10,000 for closing costs!
  • Apply the remainder to housing repairs!
  • Targeted specifically for middle income earners!

The Academy has already helped two young professionals with the purchase and repair of their first home, but only THREE of these special loans remain!!

Must purchase home by December 1, 2013. Call the academy customer service line today at (607) 723-0723 to see if you qualify.

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