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Home Buyer Workshops for 2020 announced

Metro Interfaith/BHOA Housing Counselor: Conant Smith, Opportunities for Chenango, Inc., Quaranta Housing Services/BHOA Housing Counselor: Cathy Berger,

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Metro Interfaith Housing Counseling has announced that the schedule for the Binghamton Homeownership Academy Workshops has been released for 2020. Five Workshops will be offered in 2020 the first starting January 29th the second will be in March, the third will start in May, the fourth session will begin in September and the last for the year will begin in October. Please select the link below for the 2020 Home Buyer Classes to view the full schedule and if you would like to learn more, please contact Metro Interfaith Housing Counseling at 723-0582.


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  1. Christine Clift says:

    Hello, I seem to be unable to reach you by the number that is provided on this page. I was displaced from my home due to a massive sewage leak. I have been relocated into a very undesirable apartment and I am finding it urgent that I start the process of purchasing a home through your program as so as possible. I see that you are doing phone consults, i would like to get started as soon as i can, I have been excited about this program sence it was first announced by Mayor David years ago The time is right me now. I have an email address of I believe I have properly signed up for your news letter and i have researched as much as possible, the basis of your program. I have a lot of questions. I do have poor credit but am working diligently on fixing this. One of my biggest question would be, Where and what houses qualify for this program. I would like a ruaral area to do some small farming with gardens and chickens etc. This Pandemic has rendered me at risk for being in the suburbs as i live right now. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully I will have better luck with reaching you by phone as the week progresses.
    christine clift

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