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The city announced in March of 2011 the launch of the Binghamton Homeownership Academy (BHOA),  a collaboration involving local housing agencies and advocates.

Using an annual grant from the City, the Academy serves as a one-stop shop to better connect first-time and existing Binghamton homeowners with millions of dollars in local, state and federal resources for acquisition and rehabilitation costs.

Instead of calling each of the six local affordable housing agencies to find out about housing grants and services, city residents can make one call to Metro Interfaith, the Binghamton Homeownership Academy Coordinator, to tap all possible resources they qualify for. Based on criteria including household income, household size and location of the home, Metro Interfaith can quickly match interested, eligible homeowners and residents with available housing grants and services offered by any participating local and regional agencies. These agencies include the City of Binghamton, First Ward Action Council, Opportunities for Broome and Chenango, Habitat for Humanity, Home HeadQuarters and Metro Interfaith itself.

For those interested in first-time homeownership, the Academy can connect them with a matching savings programs; free counseling; certified, safe lenders; and additional grants to help with home repairs after they secure a mortgage and move in.

The Academy is located at 21 New Street in Binghamton. The phone number is 607-723-0723 ext 311 or 312.

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